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Observation by Tim Haymes: Compact (distant) galaxy group in UMa

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2020 Jun 06 - 00:00


2020 Jun 09 - 11:08

Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 10h22m
Dec: +50°05'
Position angle: -6°15'

Field size

0°35' × 0°26'

  • 203mm F/4
  • ATIK 428ex
  • TEC -15C
  • EQ6Pro

300x 6sec subs (FITS)


Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire

Target name

A galaxy far away


Compact (distant) galaxy group in UMa

About this image

This image is the sum of a time resolved sequence (6 sec subs) of an exoplanet star.  What was interesting was the faint glow near the star on all frames, so stacked 300 frames. It is a distant compact galaxy group, the largest member ( dont know if its in the foreground) is PGC 2362940, identified from the SDDS.  Possibly further away than the UMa group judging from the size of its members.    A deeper image is indicated.

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