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Observation by Alex Pratt: Mars - 2020 Sep 21

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Alex Pratt


Alex Pratt


2020 Sep 21 - 22:06


2020 Sep 23 - 15:45



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 22h44m
Dec: -46°54'
Position angle: -179°55'

Field size

0°06' × 0°04'

  • C11 f/10
  • 2x Barlow
  • QHY5III462C camera and IR filter
  • AutoStakkert 3
  • Registax 6

50 frames/sec


Leeds, West Yorkshire

Target name

Mars - 2020 Sep 21


Mars - 2020 Sep 21

About this image

It's a long time since I've done any planetary imaging but this very favourable opposition of Mars is too tempting to resist. I've used RegiStax before but had no experience with AutoStakkert.

My C11 is well collimated but seeing isn't good in a suburban garden 5 miles from Leeds, surrounded by radiating rooftops, and in this case it was between Ant. III and IV. Even so, I'm enjoying getting a series of images of Mars and can always hope for moments of Ant. II seeing.

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