Observation by Nick James: Two comets and the Sun

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Nick James


Nick James


2020 Dec 14 - 16:09


2020 Dec 17 - 15:49


C/2020 S3
C/2020 X3

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 17h00m
Dec: -20°36'
Position angle: -169°00'

Field size

20° × 13°

  • Sony A7s, 100mm f/2 lens



Fortin Nogueyra, Argentina

Target name

C/2020 S3


Two comets and the Sun

About this image

This is a stack of frames taken during the eclipse with the intention of detecting C/2020 S3 but it also picked up the SOHO sungrazer, C/2020 X3. The background has been removed using a median subtract with radius 20 pixels. It goes down to around mag 7 close to the Sun. The long axis is around 22 deg and S is approximately up. C/2020 S3 is the normal green colour due to CN but C/2020 X3 is yellow probably due to sodium emission as the comet is vapourised by the sun.

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