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Observation by Tony Vale: EO Aur

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Tony Vale


Tony Vale


2020 Dec 25 - 01:43


2021 Jan 03 - 00:37

  • 4" F/5 refractor and Canon 600D DSLR

ISO 100, Exposure 25s, 36 images stacked per data point



Target name

EO Aur


EO Aur

About this image

EO Aur is an EA type eclipsing binary on the BAAVSS priority list but is infrequently observed by CCD or DSLR observers. The period is 4.07 days and the eclipses last 12 hours so it can be difficult to get a full eclipse on a single night. The light curve covers a period of about 7.5 hours around the primary minimum of 24th to 25th December. 

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