Observation by Bill Leatherbarrow: Craters Hedin and Hevelius

Uploaded by

Bill Leatherbarrow


Bill Leatherbarrow


2020 Dec 28 - 22:41


2021 Jan 09 - 16:05


The Moon

  • OMC300 Mak-Cass
  • ASI290MM camera
  • Astronomik 742nm IR filter


Target name

Hedin and Hevelius


Craters Hedin and Hevelius

About this image

The ruined 143-km crater Hedin, at the terminator in this image, is seen to best advantage only when libration and lighting are just right. The crater was the subject of a special study by the young lunar observer Samuel Morris Green, who tragically died in action on D-Day, his first day of active service.

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