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Observation by Mike Harlow: Nova Persei 2020 = V1112 Per

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Mike Harlow


Mike Harlow


2021 Jan 12 - 21:30


2021 Jan 13 - 19:31

  • 12 inch F/3.6 astrograph
  • Starlight Xpress H16 CCD (2048 x 2048 pxl)
  • Astrodon luminance filter (400-700nm)
  • 26cm, 3 degree objective prism

Image: 20 x 15 seconds. Spectrum 75 x 20 seconds


Ipswich, UK

Target name

Nova Per 2020 = V1112 Per


Nova Persei 2020 = V1112 Per

About this image

Nova Persei has faded significantly in just a few days with the V-magnitude at the time of this image given as 13.1 on the AAVSO web site.  The changes in brightness and spectrum can be seen by comparing with my previous observation on 7th January 2021.  The continuum has faded dramatically and the spectrum is now dominated by H alpha emission with much weaker H beta and H gamma still faintly visible. Looks like I'm reaching the limit of what I can usefully do with the objective prism set-up.

The nova is identified by the tick marks in the top image, with the spectrum of the same field in the lower pane.  The H alpha emission line is identified by the tick marks in this field.  Each image is 35 x 8 arc minutes with north, and red, to the right.

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