Observation by John Hughes: Messier 36 & NGC1931

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Mr John William Hughes


John Hughes


2021 Jan 12 - 18:30


2021 Jan 16 - 17:28



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h34m
Dec: +34°10'
Position angle: -2°08'

Field size

1°44' × 1°16'


Gain 139, Offset 30, Sensor temp -10 ℃


North Essex

Target name

Messier 36


Messier 36 & NGC1931

About this image

As most here will know, November and December was very poor weather wise and January 2021 seems to be no different here in North Essex. I am trying to take advantage of short windows of opportunity and until a run of clear nights arrives I have been concentrating on open star clusters.

January 12th provided a chance to set up for a few hours and I started to capture Messier 36 in the constellation, Auriga. Auriga is abound with open clusters and nebulosity and offers some great targets for short and long imaging sessions. With Messier 36 I was fortunate that my field of view could also capture NGC1931, a small region of nebulosity to the West of M36 and the image above is an HaRGB composite of this. Unfortunately, I had just under 4 hours of image time and whilst I have managed to capture some of the detail in NGC1931, I feel there is more H⍺ to capture not only in the nebula but also in the region between M36 and NGC1931.


  • H⍺ 12 x 300 s
  • R 30 x 120 s
  • G 27 x 120 s
  • B 30 x 120 s 


  • William Optics Z103 refractor
  • ZWO ASI1600mm Pro camera (Gain 139, Offset 30, Temp -10 ℃)
  • SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro mount
  • Chroma 1.25” RGB filters and 3nm H⍺ filter
  • Acquired using Sequence Generator Pro
  • Processed in PixInsight

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