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Observation by Manolo Rodriguez: IC1396 central detail

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Manolo Rodriguez


Manolo Rodriguez


2020 Aug 20 - 23:53


2021 Feb 12 - 23:38


The Elephant Trunk (IC1396)

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Field centre

RA: 21h37m
Dec: +57°39'
Position angle: +89°21'

Field size

1°57' × 1°28'

  • PrimaLuceLab Apo 65F-Q 420mm F6.5 telescope - ASI 294MC-Pro camera - Optolong CLS filter

300s, unit gain (120), -10ºC


El Pedroso, Seville, Spain

Target name

central detail of IC1396


IC1396 central detail

About this image

Integración total: 7 horas 55 minutos. 95 fotogramas capturados en las noches del 17 al 20 de agosto de 2020

40 oscuros, 65 sesgos, 45 planos

Ámbito guía: APM60 280mm con cámara ASI 174MM

Programas utilizados: Sharpcap, PHD2 Guiding, PixInsight 1.8

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