Observation by Nick Atkinson: Cocoon Nebulae

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Nick Atkinson


Nick Atkinson


2021 Jul 17 - 23:30


2021 Jul 27 - 18:53


The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146)

  • Tak 150B Nikon810A Loadstar Off Axis
  • Maxim DL and SKYX planitarium & Dome Control

Guided 120 seconds at ISO 400



Target name

IC 1546


Cocoon Nebulae

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Cygnus is riding high in the Sky Exposures limited from 11:30 to 02:30  at this time of year. Imaging on 17th !8th 20th July with a total of 267 exposures

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Tim Haymes
Tim Haymes, 2021 Jul 27 - 21:18 UTC

Hi Nick,   A very nice image of IC 5146 and surrounding nebulous area, but im not too certain of the black cloud above it?    Its not in an image i took in 2010, but this was a much shorter exposure.

Cheers - Tim

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