Observation by Tim Haymes: Perseids by forward scatter 143Mhz

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2021 Aug 14 - 08:02


2021 Aug 16 - 23:21



  • FunCube Dongle+ and vertical aerial (143MHz)
  • Spectrum Lab
  • RAG configuration

N Oxfordshire

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Perseids by forward scatter 143Mhz

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Following the alert of increased activity found on the 14th in daylight (UK) i checked my Excel analysis and there are strong reflections over this period.
The "temperature" chart shows the number of reflections counted in 1 hr bins from Aug-11 to Aug-15.  The spectrum is a 2.5 min period at 0802UT on the 14th August.   I don't understand all the complexity, but the prolonged signal on the RHS has a regular beat superimposed. This is caused by the scanning mode of the radio transmitter.

The spectrum has time (duration) on the X-axis, and frequency shift on the Y-axis which would be an indication of direction or velocity (I believe).


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stan armstrong
stan armstrong, 2022 Jul 09 - 23:31 UTC

just a belated thought Tim.. Way back did some lunar timings with ?? morse..and indeed Meteors with Polish Radio.. Was wondering if anything of value was possible between our 2 locations.. poss on this aspect??   Was thinking anyway of funcube etc after doing family Nostalga.. 2 Able sons often help if i need camera move etc.. If you wanted an IP Link on aWall.. then I am on 300/31Meg these days..stan 

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