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Observation by Ronan Newman : Aurora

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Ronan Newman


Ronan Newman


2021 Sep 17 - 21:08


2021 Sep 18 - 11:14



  • Canon 6D

ISO 3200


Connemara, County Galway, Ireland



About this image

A few photos from last night what turned out to be very interesting with a bright Moonlit Aurora display. Initially the aurora forecast looked good and was I heading to Connemara (A rugged and beautiful mountain region in the west of Ireland)  for a few photos, but after viewing some online data I was starting to expect nothing would materialise. I am by no mean much of a photographer or know how to use photoshop, so all these images are slightly cropped only.  It was the first decent display I have seen in several years although the bring Moonlight took the edge of it but on the other hand certainly added to the beautiful local scenery. I then drove up the Maum Valley and stopped at a good location just as the bright red colours started to appear on camera. As clouds started to impede, I headed back south towards Screebe and stopped at the bridge over Lough Aphreaghaun for a few more photos although the more intense auroral activity had dwindled away slightly except its double green arc. By 1030 I decided to head back to Galway stopping off at Oughterard pier to see the display had slightly re-energized with some faint beams piercing through the Moonlit sky. I used a Canon 6D with a Samyang 14mm & Canon 28mm lenses. Thanks for reading

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