Observation by Gary Poyner: RS Ophiuchi

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Gary Poyner


Gary Poyner


2021 Nov 03 - 14:31


2021 Nov 03 - 14:44


Variable star

  • 22cm F6.2 Newtonian
  • 10x50B
  • 80mm OG + CCD at SLOOH Canary 2

Birmingham UK & Tenerife

Target name

RS Oph


RS Ophiuchi

About this image

The 2021 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Oph is my third sighting of this star in outburst, the previous two being in 2006 and 1985. 

Taking minimum brightness as magnitude 11.0 (which was the brightness just pre-eruption), the outburst can be measured as lasting 80 days, peaking at magnitude 5.0mv on August 9th.  This outburst has been slightly shorter than the 2006 event by 16d (96d) but of comparable brightness (the 2006 event peaked at 4.8mv).

The field has now (November) been lost to me behind houses.


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