Observation by Ron Morley: NGC7023 Iris Nebula

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Ron Morley


Ron Morley


2021 Dec 01 - 21:18


2021 Dec 08 - 11:06


The Iris Nebula (NGC7023)

  • Takahashi 60mm refractor
  • Ultrastar Mono Camera
  • Piggy backed on LX200 10" on Meade wedge and pier

10x240sec luminance; 5x each RGB; all binned 1x1; total exposure time 100 mins


Perth and Kinross

Target name

NGC7023 Iris Nebula


NGC7023 Iris Nebula

About this image

The image was acquired on 1/12/2021 and 5/12/2021.  Image capture, pre and post-processing using AstroArt 7.  The 60mm is my guidescope.  The exposures were taken unguided to see how well my 22 year old Meade Classic mount and a small refractor could image a moderately faint target.  While the outer darker regions of the nebula could not be brought out the bright centre was successful.  To some extent this is old style imaging compared with the new fast technology available.  Now I can image with the Tak guidescope and later (or vice versa) look through the SCT during a single session without adjusting my setup.  

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