Observation by Peter Anderson: Lunar Eclipse 19Nov2021 Emergence of 13...

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2021 Nov 19 - 10:12


2021 Dec 29 - 01:16


The Moon

  • Samyang 800mm F8 mirror lens and Canon 70D

3200 ISO 1/2sec, 1/5sec, 1/4sec, 1/8sec, 1/8sec.


Brisbane, Australia

Target name

Eclipsed Moon and 13 Tauri


Lunar Eclipse 19Nov2021 Emergence of 13 Tauri

About this image

This is the second bright star that featured in this Lunar Eclipse. The first was an occultation of 14 Tauri and I concentrated on that. However examining my results later I did have some images of 13 Tauri that re-appeared from behind the Moon at 09hrs 42min from my site. The images displayed in this set were taken at 09hrs 41min just before the event, then at 09hrs 54min, 09hrs 59min, 10hrs 07min, and 10hrs 12min. These are not as evenly spaced as the previous event and the overexposed sunlit lunar surface is distracting, but still complement the previous occultation of 14 Tauri with a reappearance.

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