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Observation by Nick James: Pre-recovery image of P/1997 B1 (Kobayas...

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Nick James


Nick James


2022 Jan 09 - 22:54


2022 Jan 12 - 19:48


P/1997 B1 Kobayashi

  • ASI6200MM + Celestron HD11



Chelmsford, UK

Target name

P/1997 B1


Pre-recovery image of P/1997 B1 (Kobayashi)

About this image

The recovery of this faint periodic comet was announced this morning (Jan 12th) on CBET 5091. It was first detected on January 11 by the 1.04-m f/1.8 Schmidt of the Purple Mountain Observatory. Subsequent astrometry showed that the object was P/1997 B1 around 0.48 deg west and 0.25 deg north of the predicted position. It just so happened that on the evening of January 9 the comet was only around 14 arcmins south of 67P. I went back and restacked my raw images on the predicted motion of P/1997 B1 and managed to get some astrometry of it two days before the recovery. This is a good example of why it is always worth keeping the original FITS images just in case something interesting turns up.   

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