Observation by Alex Pratt: (1421) Esperanto occults UCAC4 621-02878...

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Alex Pratt


Alex Pratt


2022 Jan 04 - 23:06


2022 Jan 14 - 15:53


1421 Esperanto

  • C11 f/10 and f/3.3 focal reducer
  • Watec 910HX video camera
  • IOTA GPS 1PPS video time and date inserter
  • OccuRec (recording)
  • Tangra and AOTA (reduction)

0.32 s (8 video frames)


Z92 (Bortle 7)

Target name

(1421) Esperanto occults UCAC4 621-028780


(1421) Esperanto occults UCAC4 621-028780

About this image

The 43 km diameter asteroid (1421) Esperanto, mag 15.1, occulted a mag 14.1 star in Auriga for 2.56 s.

The 'scope was being buffeted by strong winds, which thankfully became almost calm for the brief occultation. As the target star was occulted a group of nearby faint stars became visible. My second positive occultation this year, equalling my tally from the whole of 2021.

D - 23 06 30.80 ± 0.16

R - 23 06 33.36 ± 0.16

Duration : 2.56s

Mid-event : 23 06 32.08

A video clip is available here:

(1421) Esperanto occults UCAC4 621-028780


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