Observation by Martin Lewis: Possible detection of Uranus Epsilon rin...

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Martin Lewis


Martin Lewis


2022 Jan 13 - 21:01


2022 Feb 10 - 23:04



  • 444mm Dobsonian
  • ASI290MM plus 685nm BaaderIR filter



St Albans, UK

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Possible detection of Uranus Epsilon ring Jan 13th 2022

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Possible detection of the brightest of Uranus' faint rings, the Epsilon ring, in very good seeing on 13th January.

Detecting the rings of Uranus is one of the most challenging targets in planetary astronomy, as the rings are incredibly faint and almost lost in the glare of the much brighter Uranus - which is actually pretty faint itself! I've been trying each year for the last few years, when conditions are right, to catch details of this elusive feature and this is the closest I've come.

Image comes from best 80% of 140mins of data (so image has accumulated exposure time of 112mins!) with 444mm scope at f12.7, stacked in AS3! processed in Registax and derotated in Winjupos before being run through Registax again. Animation matches my image against predicted position of Epsilon ring from Seti's Uranus Viewer 3.0.


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