Observation by Mark Lonsdale: Mars 14 April 2022

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Mark Lonsdale


Mark Lonsdale


2022 Apr 14 - 19:17


2022 Apr 17 - 08:41



  • C14 Edge HD
  • Zwo 290MM camera
  • Siebert Barlow 1.5X
  • Astronomik RGB filters
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Mars 14 April 2022

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We are finally getting some more typical autumn weather in Canberra - April and May have in the past generally been my best times of year for imaging. On the morning of Good Friday, I found conditions clear and fairly steady. Mars here is still only 5.4". You can see the plains of Utopia and Elysium, the southern polar cap showing signs of breaking up (though there is a bright spot on the sunlit edge), and quite high contrast in Hesperia.

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