Observation by Tim Haymes: (22) Kalliope occults a 13th mag star in...

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2022 Apr 15 - 21:08


2022 Apr 17 - 21:46


22 Kalliope

  • C11 at F/6
  • QHY174mGPS
  • SharpCap

200ms ( 5fps)


N Oxfordshire

Target name

(22) Kalliope and UCAC4 621-038470


(22) Kalliope occults a 13th mag star in Gemini

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This observation of (22) Kalliope (m 11.7) was aimed at recording a small drop in brightness as the main body passed over the fainter star.  The drop was predicted to be 0.3 magnitudes for 7 seconds.  The SER video recording had a dip with a duration of 4.56 sec +/- 0.2.  So the observation was positive.  I was situated near the center of the shadow as it passed across England. (prediction from OccultWatcher)

The observed mid-time was 2108h 41.43s.  Prediction was 2108h 40s.  Prediction quality has improved significantly over the last few years owing to the Gaia data releases.

In the picture above, we have a light curve and two comparison stars, and on the left is a frame indication the field of view. At the top is the shadow-strip indicating the position of observers within the path.  Good weather played a vital part in allowing observers to record the event including colleagues in Europe.

See this analysis (url updated) by E.Frappa which fits the observations to a model of the asteroid. https://euraster.net/results/2022/20220415-Kalliope_crd+ISAM-A22-3.gif

The Asteroids and Remote Planets Section invites more observers to catch these momentary events. A more typical prediction involves the complete disappearance of a star, such as this example from Alex.


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