Observation by Tim Haymes: Stellar occultation by (916) America

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2022 May 21 - 21:31


2022 May 23 - 13:56


916 America

  • C11 at F6
  • QHY174mGPS
  • SharpCap

50ms, SER, 4min recording


North Oxfordshire

Target name

TYC 1926_01491_1


Stellar occultation by (916) America

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The recording was made in twilight, of a 11.4 mag star occulted by the invisible (mag 17) asteroid, diameter about 60Km.  Nine observers across the UK and Europe where hoping to record it in a clear sky.  There may be some later reports on the way. Twilight is a problem at this time of year, and asteroids on the Ecliptic are nearer the horizon. The star was on the boarder of Cancer and Gemini.   The image is from TANGRA software which creates the light curve from video or FITS images.  Play the Gif star in the middle

The Horizons prediction (path and mid time) agreed closely with observation. More here: https://cloud.occultwatcher.net/
The event was on the UKOCL prediction feed.

This is my 11th positive occultation of the year.
Observed UT were:  D, 2131h 6.43s;  R, 2131h 7.40s, duration 0.97 s

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