Observation by Tim Haymes: 14 Ceti Lunar Graze

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2022 Jul 19 - 02:00


2022 Jul 24 - 22:09



  • Meade SN8 + 2x Barlow
  • EQ6 Pro - EQMOD
  • WAT-910HX/RC
  • GPSBOXSPRITE2-u Time inserter
  • Laptop for recording



Near Morton-in-Marsh

Target name

14 Ceti and the Moon


14 Ceti Lunar Graze

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One of the better Lunar Grazes in the HBAA. The star was bright (5.9) and the graze was well away from the illuminated cusp allowing a good view.  Travel and setup time from Oxford was about 1.5 hrs. The composite image shows the light curve obtained from software analysis of the AVI file, and underneath the results presented by Occult4 Software.  Once the timings are made, Occult will draw the lunar limb and show where the observed points are.  Of interest was the flash.   Observation and calculation agreed.  Grazes make a very sensitive test for the lunar theory and thus of scientific interest.   I aim to do one graze per year circumstances permitting.

The video with my comment are on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiyYPksZHM0

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