Observation by Brad Thomas: Barnards "E" Dark Nebula - B14...

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Brad Thomas


Brad Thomas


2022 Jul 22 - 23:33


2022 Jul 25 - 19:48


Barnard 143
Barnard 142

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h39m
Dec: +10°41'
Position angle: -39°49'

Field size

1°57' × 1°18'


13 hours total integration - 240secs x 150gain x 30offset


Surbiton UK

Target name

Barnards E - B142, B143, LDN689 and LDN690


Barnards "E" Dark Nebula - B142 and B143

About this image

OK I officially struggle processing Dark Nebula - This was probably my 10th attempt and just sort of abandoned the tutorials that weren't really working with my data

I am sort of happy with this as it has a bit of drama compared to the previous tries that were just dark bits next to other dark bits and stars - lots of stars!

I shot this over several nights during twilight evenings here in the UK

It works out at around 13 hours total integration and was shot in my back garden on the outskirts of London in Bortle class 8 skies

Equipment used:

Skywatcher 72ed Apo Refractor with 0.85 reducer/flattener
ASI 183mc pro cooled to -10 degrees
WO 50mm guide scope
ASI 290mc guide camera
SKywatcher EQM-35 pro mount
Optolong L-Enhance and L-Pro mixed exposures
DSD field rotator
240secs x 150gain x 30 offset

Sequenced using NINA
Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor
Processed in Pixinsight

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