Observation by Peter Tickner: Jupiter

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2022 Jul 27 - 02:26


2022 Jul 28 - 16:11



  • ZWO ASI482MC
  • 4x Televue PowerMate
  • ADC
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT
  • EQ8 mount

Urban Berkshire

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This image was an unexpected bonus.  I was trying to compare images of Saturn using the 174MM and 482MC with a 4x PowerMate as against the 462MC or 290MM with a 2.5x PowerMate (similar image scales) but at 4x with the 174MM the image is a little dim for Saturn unless the exposures are very slow.  Unfortunately it was poor 'seeing' for Saturn and I abandoned it and on the off-chance turned to Jupiter.  At first the 'seeing' was nearly as bad but I persevered and hit a patch when it was reasonable long enough to capture images with the 4x PowerMate the 174MM and the 482MC.   On processing the 174MM images were very grainy compared to the more sensitive although colour 482MC.  I had intended the 482MC for specialist work on Venus so it was a bonus to fnd it do so well on Jupiter!


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