Observation by Mazin Younis: Pluto

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Mazin Younis


Mazin Younis


2022 Jul 28 - 02:00


2022 Jul 29 - 18:45


134340 Pluto

  • Esprit 100ED Pro
  • ASI 294MC-Pro

50 minutes


My remote telescope, Morocco



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I always thought Pluto is too faint for amateurs' telescopes. It's hard spotting it on the same-day photo as it moves very slow. I had to carefully align photos over 2 nights (50min each), and used Blink in PixInsight to spot it jumping, mimicking how it was discovered some 90 years ago.

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Paul Leyland
Paul Leyland, 2022 Aug 06 - 09:08 UTC

Did you notice the other moving object towards the lower left corner?  It's greenish so might be a wandering hot pixel I suppose, but still worth checking out.

Added in edit: nothing near there in the MPC as far as I can tell. Most likely an artifact of some sort.


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