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Dominic Ford

By day, I work as a spectroscopist at Lund Observatory, developing fast and reliable techniques for analysing the thousands of spectra that large professional surveys can produce in a single night.

By night, I'm primarily interested in computational astronomy -- predicting the circumstances of events in the future -- and the history of astronomy. I also do some web design work, including designing the current BAA website, and continue to be a consultant to the BAA's website operations team. Among my other projects, I run educational websites including and

2017 Jul 16

21:32 UTC

There are scheduled to be northern lights tonight, with a reasonable chance of them reaching as far south as Lund. Conveniently, I have access to a balcony which faces due north, so I'll leave a camera out taking photos every 30 seconds. The weather on the other hand may not cooperate... <>.

2017 May 27

2016 Nov 13

23:40 UTC

Testing 123

2016 Nov 11

17:57 UTC

Just been tweaking members pages a bit to make them load faster.

2016 Jul 5

00:21 UTC

Been tidying up the appearance of members' profile pages. Starting to look really good!

2016 Jul 4

23:27 UTC

This is a demonstration of the textual status update on my profile page.

2016 Jul 3

00:31 UTC

No hope of making any Meteor Pi observations tonight. Completely clouded out.

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