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Tony Vale

I have had a longstanding interest in astronomy but I have become much more active and interested since I retired. Most of my observing time is taken up with the visual observation of variable stars using mainly a 16" Dob with a supporting role for a 10" which I use to observe targets which are inaccessible from the main observing site and binoculars for brighter targets. Recently I have started to add photometry of eclipsing binaries and short period pulsators to the visual observing. I'm using a 4" refractor and a DSLR camera to do this. The intention has always been to set the telescope and camera going, leaving me free to carry on with my visual observations. So far this seems to be working well. I also use the 4" and camera to contribute images to the HOYS project.  I'm fortunate that my partner owns a house in Andalusia and I am able to pack the 16" into the car and take it with me when I go there. The Spanish skies sometimes suffer from Sahara sand and there are scorpions to contend with on the ground, but when its good, its very good. 

Local society membership: Wiltshire Astronomical Society, William Hershel Society

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