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Carl Bowron

My interest in astronomy began way back in April 1957 with the arrival of the naked eye comet Arend-Roland in the northern skies.  Then at the end of 1957 there was the launch of Sputnik and the start of The Sky at Night programme.  During my later school years I constructed a 6 inch reflector using Fullerscope optics and became a member of the Junior Astronomical Society (JAS).

Due to a busy career and family commitments practical astronomy was replaced with the armchair variety.  I did, however, become a member of the BAA in 1975.  During the 1980s and 1990s my astronomical knowledge was put to good use as an instructor at the RAF School of Navigation.  While there I taught RAF Navigators "The Theory and Practise of High-altitude, High-speed, Astronavigation”.  Sadly, with the arrival of GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems, the requirement for astronavigation ceased in the mid-1990s (that is until the next Carrington Event!).

Finally retirement beckoned, which allowed me time to reconnect with my astronomical activities.  I began submitting solar observations in the form of whole disk drawings and sunspot counts to the Solar Section.  Now, though, my activities are completely devoted to digital imaging of the sun, moon and planets (I don’t have the patience to do long, deep space imaging!).  I recently joined the SPA some fifty years after being a member of the JAS.

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