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Kevin Gurney

I developed an interest in astronomy over three decades ago when I helped build an 8 inch reflector and spent a season observing some of the main deep sky wonders and viewing the planets. But then the rest of life intervened and I had my nose to the grindstone rather than pointing to the stars... However, over the last few years, I have rekindled my interest in things astronomical and am taking advantage of an early retirement to 'spend more time with my telescope'. I rapidly caught the imaging bug, but have become progressively more interested in spectroscopy. I am currently using  a Celestron C11  for the spectroscopy but  continue to do some imaging with various kit including a variety of 'scopes and  telephoto lenses.

2017 Jan 12

18:10 UTC

One of the most photogenic parts of the sky... The very best  pictures of this area show structure in the dark nebulosity below the horsehead... I just have a suggestion of this with a vague mottled effect. However, there is some nice structure in the emission nebula (IC434) that is the backdrop to the horsehead. This emerged after some use of the local histogram tool in Pixinsight... but more detail would require  better data, I think, from a good dark sky (not suburban Sheffield).


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