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Peter Mulligan

My introduction to Astronomy began in the 1960s with the revelation that the stars are suns, after reading the Larousse encyclopaedia of astronomy 1968 edition.  When I realised the Sun was a star I thought almost immediately do other stars have planetary systems? Back then of course no one knew, but I always thought that eventually they would be found.  Now with all the discoveries nearly every week, it's probable most stars will turn out to have planets.

I am interested in most things to do with Astronomy  whether it's trying to image the Universe, general observing, or just taking in the views with Binoculars.  I also love reading about the subject including its history, and latest discoveries, (Which are impossible to keep up with!)  More recently I have started Variable star observing with Binoculars. I read somewhere that it is very addictive? and I think they are right.  I've found myself looking out of the window for breaks in the cloud to try to squeeze in an observation. 

2019 Dec 27

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2019 Apr 12

17:47 UTC

M101 is a much larger stellar city than ours its diameter is about 170 thousand light years. Some estimates say that its stellar population is about one trillion!

2019 Jan 9

2018 Nov 2


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