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Dave Smith

Up until Dec 2016 my main interest was imaging and in particular narrow band images of nebula. Since then I have developed an interest in variable star observing using my CCD camera.

Local society membership: Castle Point Astronomy Club

2017 Aug 3

2017 May 9

14:17 UTC

The data for the following phase diagram for the binary star TZ Lyr was collected during 7 clear nights between 11 April and 2 May 2017.

The two stars comprising this binary orbit around each other with a period of approx 12 hours (12.69)

Images of the star field were 60s duration and one taken around every 2 minutes. The images were standardised and processed in the free software Muniwin which produces file suitable for uploading to the BAA database or the aavso database.

The phase diagram was produced using Peranso software.

2017 Apr 12

13:29 UTC

Last night was unexpectedly clear so tried TZ Lyr as it was predicted to be in eclipse. As it is relatively bright the Moon did not cause a problem.

13:23 UTC

I have now changed scope as OV Boo is getting too faint for my 90mm refractor. I'm now using a Celestron 9.25 with 0.63 FR but am currently being hampered by the full Moon. I hope to continue monitoring OV Boo once the Moon is out of the way.


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