Chambo, Jose (Valencia, Spain)

Born in the city of Valencia (Spain), in 1968. Specialist at Industrial Electronics. I am amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, specialized in comet tracking and its photography. I started to develop my hobby on 1985 during the last visit of the comet Halley. Since the beginning I have been an enthusiastic about comets, and in all these years I have extended my knowledge and experience. Mainly I take images with a DSLR since I don’t yet have a CCD camera.

Imaging with a DSLR does at least have an advantage: you are collecting luminance and chrominance at same time, something always interesting to catch restless comets. In recent years I’m also using remote systems to shoot comets, a good option to use expensive equipments if you cannot get them. When I do astrophotography on the ground I go to a pair of locations in a relatively dark and high zone in south inland of Valencia province (Spain), and around one hour’s drive from my home. Besides the DSLR the other main part of my equipment is a short focal reflector, a 8″ f/4.0 with coma corrector, is a fast collector of photons suitable for freeze the comets. Since 2011 I write in my webpage offering upgraded information for comet observation and photography. This is where I also publish my astronomical works. You are invited to visit me.

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