Storey, Dave (Isle of Man)

I have been interested in astronomy since late 1970’s and started comet observing following an observation of comet Austin 1982g. A visual observer  of comets up until 2005 when use of CCD imaging  taken up alongside visual work. Current observing location is from the Isle of Man using 16 inch SCT and ST9 CCD. Visual work using 14x100B, 7x50B and Naked eye when possible. My main interest is astrometry of comets with data being sent to MPC. I use Astrometrica for astrometry. I have started using software FoCAs and Kphot to extract more information from my images. Remote CCD imaging is now undertaken from various telescopes on the iTelescope network.

My fascination in comets is simply the fact that every observation is unique and every observation counts. Highlights to date are comets 1995 O1 (Hale Bopp), 1996 B2 (Hyakutake) and although not directly seen, I still count the impact scares of 1993e (Shoemaker-Levy-9) upon the surface of Jupiter as the most interesting comet observation.

My general observing web site is here. This is where I post my latest comet images.

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