Gyulbudaghian’s nebula

Common name Designation Constellation  Star RA Dec
Gyulbudaghian’s nebula Cepheus PV Cephei 20hr 45m 54s +67° 57’ 39”

Gyulbudaghian’s nebula was discovered by Armenian astronomer Armen Gyulbudaghian in 1977 and the variability of the nebula was shown by Martin Cohen four years later. Associated with the variable PV Cephei, it has undergone remarkable changes in the last decade making it the most popular of the variable nebulae for the more advanced amateurs. When discovered, it showed as a thin ribbon. Then it was seen to fan out and brighten, only to fade and brighten erratically during the later months of this decade, reverting to a ribbon again before disappearing during the autumn of 2020. It may well brighten again soon. See Grant Privett’s paper in JBAA 2019 October Vol129 No5. Pp 273-277.

Gyulbudaghian’s nebula
A superb montage of images from March through to December 2020 by Mike Harlow showing the variability of PV Cephei and fade of Gyulbudaghian’s nebula in the autumn of 2020. The month of the image is in each to right panel. Images taken with 12-inch f3.6 Astrograph and Starlight Xpress H16 CCD.
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