McNeil’s nebula

Common name Designation Constellation  Star RA Dec
McNeil’s nebula Near M78 Orion V1647 Ori 5hr 46m 14s -00° 05’ 48”

McNeil’s nebula was a chance discovery by Jay McNeil (Kentucky, USA) while testing his new setup in January 2004. Associated with the YSO V1647 Orionis within the dusty region that includes the bright reflection nebula Messier 78, it has recently become all but undetectable again. The fade was spotted by Mike Harlow on 5th November 2018 and an alert was issued by Callum Potter, resulting in many observers attempting to image it, without success to date. Who knows when it may pop out again?

M78 and McNeils nebula
Messier 78 in Orion, with McNeil’s nebula to the southwest, just to the right of a pair of stars. Since 5th November 2018 it has been undetectable at optical wavelengths. 2017 October 22nd iTelescope24610mm f6.5 Planewave CDK. Nick Hewitt image.
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