Updated 2023 December 17


AstroImageJ and BAA Photometry Database tutorial by Roger Dymock AstroImageJ.pdf
his is a step by step tutorial using WASP-12b and HAT-P-25b images based mainly on Richard Lee’s guides listed below. Suggest beginners start here.

A Guide to AstroImagej Differential Photometry by Richard Lee

Workflow based Guide to using AstroImageJ for Exoplanet Transit Photometry by Richard Lee

A practical guide to exoplanet observing’ by Denis M. Conti

Plate solving/Track and Stack in AIJ by Richard Lee Plate solving, Track and Stack in AIJ.pdf

The AstroImageJ Cookbook by Grady Boyce, edited by Dennis Conti

Other guides and tutorials

Amateur Astronomer Participation in the TESS Exoplanet Mission – Dennis Conti

BAA Photometry Database
– Notes on submitting observations
– Uploading Observations

Detect exoplanets by yourself with the cheapest equipment (YouTube video)

Exoplanet detection by radial velocity method (in French) 

Exoplanet detection by radial velocity method (translated into English mostly by Google with a little help from Roger Dymock)
Observation of the exoplanet 51 Pegasus b V2.pdf

Exoplanet detection by transit and doppler methods (in French)

Exoplanet Observing for Amateur Astronomers – Dennis Conti

Exoplanet observing for amateurs by Bruce L. Gary (or can purchased in paperback format)

Exoplanet Transit Database. Reduction and processing of the photometric data of exoplanet transits

How to decide which exoplanet transits to observe

Methods of detecting exoplanets

New tools and improvements in the Exoplanet Transit Database

Peranso – Downloading and analysing space mission data

The exoplanet transit method

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