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Updated 2022 August 5

BAA meetings
Exoplanet one-day ZOOM meeting – 2022 November 12
Introducing a new project – EXPLORE – EXoPLanet Orbit REsearch. Details to follow.

Other organisations’ meetings
Latsis Symposium: The Origin and Prevalence of Life, 2022 August 30 – September 2

What is life? Where, when and how did life arise on Earth? What ingredients were likely present and how were they delivered to Earth? Why and how did life increase in complexity after a period of ~2 billion years of apparently slow evolution? How did the development of life depend on the surface and interior evolution of the (young) Earth? Under what conditions is life possible and is life likely to exist on other planets or celestial bodies?”

UK Exoplanet Community Meeting 2022
You can find the registration link on the conference website. The conference is scheduled for 12-14 September 2022, at the University of Edinburgh John McIntyre conference centre.  It is  expected that the conference will be largely in-person, but an online-only registration option is available for those who cannot travel to Edinburgh and prefer to attend virtually.

Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds, 2022  November 7-13
Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds is a multi-discipline four to five day international scientific meeting taking place in Edinburgh, UK, in November 2022. This event is to accommodate up to 120 in-person delegates of all career stages based in a range of relevant employment sectors. A hybrid model is envisaged to be delivered so as to broaden participation by accommodating virtual attendance of additional delegates.



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