Pro-am project – ‘Microlensing Search for Exoplanets’

Updated 2022 May 12

Due to the very low take-up I have, reluctantly, decided to discontinue our formal involvement in this project. Of course members can continue on an individual basis if the wish to do so. My thanks to those who have submitted observations.

We at the very early stages in this project so your involvement would be most welcome. You will notice that the required frequency of observations is, typically, daily so it should quite easily fit with any other observing program you may be following.

There are likely to be just a handful of targets available at any on time and possibly only one or two which have the potential to detect exoplanets, identified by weekly alert emails which will also be listed below, so the amount of observing time that needs to be devoted to this project should not unduly impinge on other observing activities. The advantage over comet and supernovae hunting is that we do know where to look!!!

The process flowchart above outlines the steps to be taken by both coordinator and observers.

Full details are available at Microlensing pro-am project – version 5.pdf

Alert 20210525_1.pdf
Alert 20210601_1_reissue.pdf
Alert 20210608_1.pdf
Alert 20210616_1.pdf
Alert 20210622_1.pdf
20210629 Apologies for no alert this week – decorating took priority. Normal service will be resumed next week
Alert 20210707_1.pdf
Alert 20210714_1.pdf
Alert 20210720_1.pdf
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Alert 20210810_1.pdf
Alert 20210825_1.pdf
Alert 20210908_1.pdf
Alert 20210921_1.pdf
Alert 20211005_1.pdf
Alert 20211102_1.pdf
Alert 20211114_1.pdf
Alert 20211126_1.pdf
Alert 20211208_1.pdf
Alert 20220104_1.pdf
Alert 20220119_1.pdf
Alert 20220215_1.pdf
Alert 20220302_1.pdf

Observations received
Obs data.pdf

Roger Dymock

ARPS Assistant Director Exoplanets

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