Updated 2023 March 11

If you have other projects on the go or would like to suggest a project which the Division might pursue please let me know.

Included are projects which might be suitable for;
– those new to exoplanet imaging
– more experienced observers
– those wishing to collaborate with professional astronomers

In addition, I include a Citizen Science project and one utilising a remotely operated, robotic telescope. The options are summarised below and further details can be found in the relevant appendices.

A project summary page can be accessed by following the link below. Details for each project will be added over the coming months.

Project summary; Exoplanet projects.pdf 

Imaging stars with a known exoplanet; Imaging stars with a known exoplanet.pdf

Exoplanet imaging and discovery – Version 2; Exoplanet imaging and discovery project V2.pdf

Citizen science, Planet Hunters TESS

Remotely operated robotic telescopes – The MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network

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