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The American Astronomical Society (AAS) have partnered with IOP Publishing to create an exciting new collection of astronomy and astrophysics ebooks to further the AAS mission: “to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe.

Exoplanets by Sara Seager, published by University of Arizona Press Lunar and Planetary Institute 2010, £25.43

How to Find a Habitable Planet by James Kasting, published by Princeton University Press 2010, £15.55

Strange New Worlds: The Search for Alien Planets and Life beyond Our Solar System by Ray Jayawardhana, published by Princeton University Press, £16.53 (Paperback)

The Exoplanet Handbook (Second Edition) by Michael Perryman, published by Cambridge University Press 2018, £56.99 (Hardback)

The Search for Earth’s Twin by Stuart Clark, published by Quercus, £11.56 (Hardback)

Transiting Exoplanets by Carole A. Haswell, published by Cambridge University Press, 2010, £31.99 (Paperback)

Twenty Worlds by Niall Deacon, published by Reaktion Books 2020, £13.55 (Hardback)


Astrobiology, Discovery and Societal Impact by Steven J. Dick, published by Cambridge university Press
Hardback £44.37, Paperback £23.69
This book examines the humanistic aspects of astrobiology, systematically discussing the approaches to, and critical issues and implications of discovering life beyond Earth
Part of Cambridge Astrobiology (10 books)

Series: Astrobiology perspectives on life of the Universe published by Scrivener Publishing 2021 and 2022

Astrobiology. Understanding life in the universe by Charles S. Cockell, published by Wiley Blackwell 2015, £30.28

Extraterrestrial Languages by Daniel Oberhaus, published by MIT Press, £20 hardback

Extraterrestrial – the first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth by Avi Loeb, published by Mariner Books 2021, £13.99

Extraterrestrials- Where are they? by Ben Zuckerman and Michael H. Hart, published by Cambridge University Press 1995

Homo Deus. A brief history of tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari, published by Vintage Books 2017, £5.99

How to Build a Habitable Planet. The story of Earth from the Big Bang to Humankind by Charles H. Langmuir and Wally Broecker, published by Princeton University Press 2012, £25.96

Life 3.0. Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark, published by Allen Lane 2017, £12.89

Our Cosmic Ancestry in the Stars by Chandra and Kamala Wickramasinghe and Gensuke Tokoro, Published by Inner Traditions, £9.01 (Paperback)

Sapiens. A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, published by Vintage Books £5.99

The Contact Paradox by Keith Cooper, Published by Bloomsbury Sigma, £13.29 hard back

The Goldilocks Enigma by Paul Davies, published by Penguin Books 2006

The Great Silence by Milan M. Cirkovic, published by Oxford University Press 2018, £22.50

The Hunt for Alien Life: A Wider Perspective by Peter Linde, published by Springer 2013, £31.99

The Knowledge. How to rebuild our world from scratch byLewis Dartnell, published by The Bodley Head 2014, £9.99

The Next 500 Years by Christopher E. Mason, published by MIT Press 2021, £18.67 (Hardback)

The Search for our Cosmic Ancestry by Chandra Wickramasinghe, Published by World Scientific, £34.46 (Hardback)

Where is everybody – Fifty solutions to the Fermi Paradox and the problem of extraterrestrial life by Stephen Webb, published by Copernicus Books 2002

Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs by Ken M. Harrison, published by Springer 2011, £23.99

A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis by Brian D. Warner, published by BDW Publishing 2003

Exoplanet observing for amateurs. Second Edition (Plus) by Bruce L. Gary, published by Reductionist Publications 2014, £28.62

Settlement, colonisation
How We’ll Live on Mars by Stephen Petranek, published by TED Books 2015

Mars, the Traveller’s Guide by Colin Stuart, published by Palazzo 2018

Pale Blue Dot – A vision of the human future in space by Carl Sagan, published by Random House 1994

Human Governance Beyond Earth by Charles S. Cockell, published by Springer 2015, £79.99

Emigrating Beyond Earth by Cameron M. Smith and Evan T. Davies, published by Springer 2012, £29 .99

The Commonwealth of Thieves. The Story of the Founding of Australia by Tom Keneally, published by Vintage Books, £10.99

American Colonies. The Settling of North America by Alan Taylor, published by Penguin Books, £11.34

Manned space flight
A man on the Moon – The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts by Andrew Chaikin, published by Viking 1994

Space 2069: After Apollo: Back To The Moon, To Mars, and Beyond  by David Whitehouse, published by Icon Books, £16.99

Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle The Moon, Mars and Beyond by Christopher Wanjek, published by Harvard University Press,£18.46

The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon – free download as a PDF

Astronomy Now

Exoplanet News

Papers and presentations
Ariel – Enabling planetary science across the light-years

Eclipse time variations and the continued search for companions to short period eclipsing binary systems 

Exoplanet Discovery and Characterisation

Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG) Report to Paul Hertz Regarding Large Mission Concepts to Study for the 2020 Decadal Survey

ExoClock Project: An open platform for monitoring the ephemerides of Ariel targets with contributions from the public

Exoplanet Validation with Machine Learning: 50 new validated Kepler planets

Missions to and sample returns from nearby interstellar objects

Origins of Hot Jupiters

Predictions of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Galactic Exoplanet Survey II: Free-Floating Planet Detection Rates 

Stellar activity and rocky planet detection.pdf by Professor Don Pollacco –

The Demographics of Exoplanets

The quest for stable circumbinary companions to post-common envelope sdB eclipsing binaries Does the observational evidence support their existence?

Which Stars can see Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet?



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