Directors of the BAA Mars Section

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From 1979 to 1991, the Mars Section was merged with the Mercury and Venus Section to form a Terrestrial Planets Section.

See also the History of the Mars Section

From To Title Forenames Surname
1892 1893 Edward Walter Maunder
1893 1895 Bernard Edward Cammell
1896 1917 Eugene Michel Antoniadi
1917 1922 Harold Thomson
1922 1930 William Herbert Steavenson
1930 1931 Bertrand Meigh Peek
1931 1942 Reginald Lawson Waterfield
1942 1956 Percy Mayow Ryves
1956 1979 Edward Howard Collinson
1979 1991 Richard Myer Baum
1991 Dr Richard J McKim

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