Introduction to the Historical Section

Welcome to the BAA Historical Section website.

The BAA is one of the world’s oldest astronomical societies. We are the custodians of over 125 years’ worth of astronomical observations, by some of the world’s most prolific and talented amateur observers. The Historical Section was formed in 1930.

Membership is open to everyone in the Association. We hold an annual section meeting, at which members are encouraged to report on their researches.

The BAA Journal publishes many papers on subjects of historical interest, and we’d like to help you turn your researches into a refereed paper – we can offer mentoring. Twice a year, we produce a section newsletter – it’s a good place for you to submit an informal article, reporting on progress in your research, or telling us some interesting snippets.

If you would like to become a member, and  join us in exploring the historical roots of our wonderful hobby.

You might also be interested in our sister society, the Society for the History of Astronomy.

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