EPSC-DPS, Geneva, 2019

The annual planetary science congresses of Europe (EPSC) and America (DPS) were held jointly in Geneva from 2019 Sep.15-20.  There were extensive sessions on Jupiter and Juno by both professionals and amateurs.  All the contributions to the ‘pro-am collaboration’ session will be posted by Marc Delcroix in due course.  Below are links to those presented by John Rogers on behalf of the BAA and all our colleagues.

1.  ‘The cyclic expansions of Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt in 2015-2017′

Abstract:  EPSC-DPS2019-302_JHR_ODA2_NEB_submitted.pdf

Poster:    Poster_2019_NEEs_JHR-v1.pdf

2.  ‘Jupiter’s north polar region from Pioneer 11 to Juno’

Abstract:  EPSC-DPS2019-300_JHR_OPS4_NPR_submitted.pdf

Poster:    Poster_2019_N-CPCs_JHR-v1.pdf

3.  ‘Towards a new three-year weather forecast for Jupiter’

PDF of talk:   Jup-talk_EPSC-IOPW_2019sep_JHR.pdf


All the abstracts submitted to the ‘pro-am’ session ODA2:   EPSC-DPS2019-ODA2-Abstracts.pdf

Pictures of people at the conference:  EPSC-2019_People_JHR.zip

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