2016-17, Report no.17: Summary of the mid-SEB outbreak

A ‘mid-SEB outbreak’ began on 2016 Dec.29, the first since the SEB Revival in 2010-11.  Such an outbreak consists of convective storms appearing in a tightly confined region, similar to those of a SEB Revival or to the perennial rifted region following the GRS.  Its progress was described in our interim reports, which included galleries of images and maps.  This final report on the outbreak includes:

1) A summary of its history, adapted from our interim reports;

2) More detailed spot tracking from ALPO-Japan and from the JUPOS group;

3) The JunoCam image at perijove-4.

The report can be downloaded here as a PDF:   Report-on-mid-SEBO_2017_TO-POST.pdf

The full-size figures can be downloaded here: 

Fig1_SEBO_2017_Charts_Mizumoto.jpg   Fig2_SEBO_2017_Chart_JUPOS.gif    Fig3_PJ4-SEB-image.jpg

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