2016-17, Report no.4: The apparition up to 2017 January.

Although it is still early in the apparition, plenty of interesting things have already happened on Jupiter: new convective outbreaks in the NTB, NEB, and SEB, and the merger of two long-lived ovals in the S2 domain. This report covers events up to early January.

The report plus mini-figures is downloadable here as a PDF:  Report-no4_2017jan.pdf

The full-size figures, and supplementary figures, are downloadable here in a ZIP file:  Report-no4_2017jan_Figures.zip

Figure 4:  Four blink pairs of images taken 10-20 hours apart, showing Jupiter’s currents:

Full-size version of this map: Fig1_Map_L3_2017jan09-11.png

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