Jupiter in 2018, Report no.2

Part I.  Interim report on atmospheric phenomena.

The most important phenomena are still:

–Continuing development of the large-scale pattern in the NEB;

–Interaction of the S. Tropical Disturbance (STropD) with the GRS;

–Transformation of the STB Ghost as it approaches oval BA.

These are described and illsutrated with sets of maps.

Appendix 1 contains large compilations of images in two longitude sectors.

Appendix 2 contains annotated JUPOS charts.

Part II.  Preview of Juno perijove-12.

At PJ-12, the spacecraft will be turned so that the MWR (as well as JunoCam) can view the track below, although this is now costly in fuel and in solar energy input so this may  be the last time. Much of the data volume may be reserved for images of the poles (monitoring the polar polygons of cyclones) and of the Equatorial Zone (possibly the last closeups of it).  But there will also be images of other latitudes, and a predictive map  shows what may be visible.  Most importantly, the track runs ~11º  p. the p. end of the GRS, and right over the region where the p. end of the STropD may be re-assembling at that time.  Thus it may be possible to get unique closeups of this phenomenon, and complete views of the GRS as the spacecraft moves south. 

The report, with miniature figures, is available here as a PDF:   2018_Report-no-2.pdf

Appendix 1 (image sets) is available here as a ZIP file:      Report-no-2_Appx-1_Image-sets.zip

Appendix 2 (JUPOS charts) is available here as a ZIP file:   Report-no-2_Appx-2_JUPOS-charts.zip

The full-size figures are available here as a ZIP file:       Report-no-2_Figures.zip

Here is Figure 8, animated maps of the STB Ghost as it transforms into a turbulent STB segment:

And here are small versions of Figure 2 (the latest map) and Figure 10 (the predictive map for PJ-12):

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