Jupiter in 2018, Report no.6


This is a substantial interim report on Jupiter up to mid-August, accompanied and informed by a set of JUPOS charts up to the end of July.  For major features, such as the N. Temperate Disturbance and S. Tropical Disturbance, it continues our previous accounts up to mid-August.  For minor features, in the high-latitude domains, it provides insights into their dynamics from comparing JUPOS tracking and JunoCam imaging throughout the apparition.  For example, we tracked an anticyclonic white oval that shifted from the N4 to the N3 domain, and a long folded-filamentary region in the S3 domain that generates a long-lived sector of retrograding spots.

The text of the report (PDF):     Report-no-6_2018august_final.pdf

Miniature copies of the figures (PDF):   Report-no-6_2018august_MiniFigs.pdf

The full-size figures (ZIP):              Report_2018-no-6_Figures.zip

Appendix (Annotated JUPOS charts, plus aligned maps, all with south up) (ZIP):  Report_2018-no-6_JUPOS-charts&maps.zip

Figure 10: ANIMATION by Marco Vedovato of his maps, covering the STropD and its entire passage past the GRS (north up):

Latest  map (2018 August 12-16, north up):


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