Jupiter in 2020, Report no.10: The S2 domain

Jupiter in 2020, Report no.10:  The S2 domain in 2020

by John Rogers (BAA), reporting results from the JUPOS team and the JunoCam team  [2024 April]

This report on the S2 (S.S. Temperate) domain is being posted several years late, although maps and charts up to June were included in our 2020 Report no.4.  Here we summarise the domain’s features, with a set of ground-based maps (Fig.1), a set of JunoCam maps (Fig.2), and the JUPOS chart (Fig.3).  In fact, there were no notable changes during the year, apart from the appearance of one small FFR (Figs.4&5) and possible late quiescence of two others.

The report is here, with mini-figures, as a PDF:  Report-2020-no10_S2-domain_&Minifigs

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  Report-2020-no10_S2_Figures


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