Jupiter in 2020, Report no.9: Final report on northern hemisphere

This is our final report on the northern hemisphere activity (down to the mid-NEB) in 2020, including measurements of drifts and latitudes of features from the JUPOS project.   It contains detailed accounts of the NTBs jet outbreak (NTB Revival); the aftermath of the NEB expansion event and the NTB Revival; interactions of spots in high northern latitudes; and all the usual features.  We are very grateful to all the observers who contributed images, and to the JUPOS team and the ALPO-Japan teams for their contributions. 

The main report is fairly short, with 4 figures, and is here (PDF):  Final-2020-report-N-Hemis_SHORT.pdf

Supplement A is a much longer version with full details; the text is here (PDF):  Final-2020-report_N-Hemis_FULL-SUPP-A.pdf

Supplement A comes with 32 figures, including large compilations of images and maps.  North is up. A set at reduced size is here (PDF):  Final-2020-report_N-Hemis_Figures.pdf

The full-size figures are here (ZIP):  Final-2020-report_N_Figures.zip

Supplement B is a set of annotated JUPOS charts.  These are charts of longitude vs time for all spots.  Most of them are in System 2, and they have longitude increasing to the right, the opposite direction to the figures in the report.  In most charts, black points are dark spots, green points are bright spots, and red points are reddish spots.  Other colours are used where indicated.  The JUPOS project web site is at:  http://jupos.privat.t-online.de/index.htm.  The chart set is here (ZIP):  Final-2020_N_SUPP-B_JUPOS-charts.zip

Below is Figure 2, a series of slices through cylindrical maps throughout the year, showing the changes in the NTB, NTropZ & NEB:

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