Dance of the moons on 2021 August 15

A specially remarkable series of events occurred on 2021 Aug.15, as Ganymede eclipsed and occulted Europa while both were in transit over Jupiter, while Io and Callisto passed behind and in front of Jupiter respectively. Some of the records of this event are shown here.  Hi-res images in RGB and in the methane band were obtained by Chris Go and by Isao Miyazaki (NB: Miyazaki’s images have south up).  Andy Casely and Niall MacNeill had bad seeing, but MacNeill’s annotated video is an excellent overview of the events.  Chris Go posted a long video of his *live* captures which is linked from our Facebook page. 


 [larger version below]    


Above:  Annotated video of his own images by Niall MacNeill (Australia). 

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