Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.2

Jupiter in 2022/23: Report no.2

–John Rogers (BAA) & Shinji Mizumoto (ALPO-Japan)  (2022 July 5)

This report covers 2022 May and June, months which encompassed the first hi-res amateur images of the apparition as well as Juno’s PJ42.  It particularly covers the interesting phenomena in the N.N. Temperate domain, the N. Equatorial Belt, and the S. Temperate domain.

We are very grateful to all the observers, whose work is the basis of this report.

The report is here, with miniatures of the figures (PDF):  Report-2022-no2-&Minifigs

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  Report-no-2_Figures

Here is Figure 2, a recent map of the planet:



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